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Bahamas translation of lyrics

Also known as I done ... multiple mamas lyrics.

English translation of Bahamas by A$AP Ferg
Cant play in my garden, hey
Bitch, beg your pardon, hey
22-3, Harden, hey
Ooh, thats James
She dont want you 'cause you lame
Im up, shed rather ... with us, yeah
Bank room, bank room
Jiggy ... comin through, talk yo shit
I aint never been to Bahamas
A ... done been to Milano
Met with your favorite designer
Gucci show with Alessandro
Your sis give me head on recliners
Your wife wanna throw me vagina
I ... on your ..., ya mama
Got syrup like ... Jemima
Like the Maple Leaf, take a peek
Get to the bread like a bakery
Wait on me, wait for me
Soon as we ..., get away from me
Paper plate or fine china, Benihana, Mcdonalds
Hit up Empanada Mamas, eat at delis or in diners
Whos that peeking through the window?
Got the chopper boutta blind us
Couldnt pick me out of a line up
... psyching like Ewonda
Spaz fast, get to the bag
Look at the digital dash
Little bitch frivolous, ... just hit that shit
Get to it, get in it, just trying to live a bit
New shades, Gosha
Got me looking like a Beatle
Up in London like a Beatle
This aint Puma, this Needles
Aint never been to Bahamas
But my chains so lavish
Tmz be clacking, while theyre counting my karats
Louis Vuitton, straight from Kim Jones
"Ballin"like Jim Jones (ballin!)
You cannot come in my zone
Woah, Dior boys in Paris
Chilling with Kris Van Assche
White model bitch with ass
Let a Groovy ... in it, six cars, ... winning
Big crib, tennis court, half a million in the Porsche
Got a chopper on the porch, backyard the Bahamas
Palms trees and recliners, got a Rollie for my mama
Dime piece give me nana, got a 9, ... what
Third strike in the bush, couple grand on the front
Fell in love in the gut, four mil' in a month
Your career in a trunk, last album, ... was
Whole aisle full of duds, album cover for the buzz
Put the Rollie in the bust, money talking, ... hush
Hit the plug, ... walked off, split the mil, ... all four
Flippin' hoes, ... what for? Batman in the Audo
I never been to Bahamas
A ... done been to the projects
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