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English translation of Песнь далёких земель by Abyssphere
In the red glow of days, where the dawn disappears forever,
There, at the beginning of the journey, I did not know what to expect.
Hundreds of leagues passed no more expensive than a copper coin,
If the way home was left on the edge of the planet.
Where the moon dances and the wind walks in the roofs,
Song of far lands, bow and you will hear
Deaf knock of the rain, the wind, the leaves swirled,
Know that I will come back here, no matter what happens!
Flame scarlet cloaks again inflated someone's cruel hand,
Death on cold swords shouts, calling for a
Into the land of faceless shadows and misty dreams,
A world devoid of dreams and hope for salvation.

Music video Песнь далёких земель – Abyssphere

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