L'esprit Malade translation of lyrics

English translation of L'esprit Malade by ADX
Of all my actions, I have no memory
Only a fog in my head
Prisoner of the way that dictated my desires
It's the night that the Beast was lurking
I am the devil's prey in my skull
My sick mind
I am the devil's prey in my skull
And my mind is falling
From the back of this cell, I see my pass
Before the madness awaits me
Use by a job, use by my job
Overwork was my undoing
In my trial, I felt nothing.
Of these women, who were screaming " death "
All accusing me of their daughters ' crime
Scratching the air of their avenging fingers
Now alone in my thoughts
The last refuge of the condemned
When that Blade comes to lick my neck
Free at last to relieve everything
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