L'ordre Sacre translation of lyrics

English translation of L'ordre Sacre by ADX
Soldiers of the temple, with the wealth accumulated
Such of the apostles preaching their deity
Blind belief, their faith leads to war
My glory is pure, for the men of prayer
The commanderies arouse mefiance
These lunatics have the power to proclaim
The Sacred Order
Templars: no peace for evil
Templars: fighting the infidel
Templars: no peace for weapons
Templars: fighting blasphemy
Before their audacity, the Mad King of jealousy
Justice or fear, the struggle remains merciless
Rapes the cross, striking the Guardians of the Tomb
Punished vice for the pride of the kingdom
Vanquished and heart bruised
The duty is nothing more than an oversight
Judge under torture
For the admission of a secret
Walking on the greatest
The look in dignity
Knight of Christ
You burn and curse
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