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Also known as Prisonnier de la nuit lyrics.

English translation of Prisonnier De La Nuit by ADX
Researcher for the good of humanity
You didn't have enough experience
To control this horrible science
Who owned you, you have to admit
Prisoner of the night
When the moon comes back
And your first test came
And madness took hold of your hands
Because in your head just exploded
And your life was without a tomorrow
Despite all hope to stay normal
You'll be inhuman forever.
No longer seeing good and evil
Your heart is full of hate and love
That's why you're hanging around my house.
That's why you hurt my dreams
When midnight rings, you're still here.
The mine plays again to sow fear
Your gaze only inspires terror
And when you sigh, I think I die
Your only pleasure is to scare
Why all the laughter, revenge or misfortune
Prisoner of the night when the day will appear
I'll stay bruised but in turn
'Cause tonight, you're gonna do it again.
And your ghastly looks will make new prey
Prisoner of the night
Prisoner of the night
Prisoner of the night when the moon reeks
Prisoner of the night when the moon reeks

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