Vampire translation of lyrics

English translation of Vampire by ADX
In a Lost Valley
Or floats an ice fog
Lives an unknown being
With white and acerous teeth
It feeds on blood
Tracking his prey in the night
The vampire, The vampire
And from his red cloak falls a beautiful body
All those pills in my head
Have ... making me forget
This shadow of Man and Beast
So close to me that I saw kill
Having been present at his act
The anger out of her eyes
And when he appealed to the covenant
Refuses to all the gods
His food
Flows by its bites
He bewitches all mortals
Striking in the dark
His cry is a victory
He takes life when envy comes
When suddenly he saw this cross
Hanging around my neck
It is fear that he will prefer
Fall to my knees
He wanted to drink my blood
By thinking I'm powerless
The vampire, The vampire
And when my shadow appears
In his cloak, he'll hide

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