А вот так-то translation of lyrics

Also known as Ё нигга мазафака эта Ак lyrics.

English translation of А вот так-то by АК-47
E ... this ... ' AK
AK so, the accuracy of the measure
E ... this ... ' AK
AK so, the accuracy of the measure
Not the Bob I swear
Called Russian machine gun
I go to visit the Shoe without removing
I'll pee in the Elevator if it's too much
I like to shoot homeless people on a cell phone
Blind dogs and drunk people
I cant pounding faster seamstress
I'm hiding it where the shepherds didn't find it
Little musician blackish talent
Fraught with what long batakat
Two of us on earth, we take care of individual AK Ural Repack
Their ears are wider cover as-4
Run to the bunkers take the papyrus with you
We Rushen fight, fill our potholes
Basim so, the Niners are eager subs
In the blanks draw a marker
Bought in Rospechat, not pen Parker
I'm a Christian from a working-class family
Under the influence of himara music doing tonight
I'll call back with a penny on the cell phone
Let me sting you with a rumble in my tummy
I am Adidas with three stripes,
Behind the ear Kent four
Of paper between your fingers
Toothpaste, with Bosko dirty
I can go to a class meeting.
I'm gonna light a firecracker up your ass
Kill the rap according to the state standard
I'll hit your shoes with a dirty dump truck
I'm from Birch consider me a threat
Please Fax my alpha of backstrong
Ready to attack now you'll be pinned
Is Bobo head of 7.62
Penetrating the ear becoming impudent mosquito
I have a grenade and my finger is in the ring
I Russian Trojan on the disk With E ... this ... ' AK
AK so, the accuracy of the measure
E ... this ... ' AK
AK so, the accuracy of the measure
Where are you from? Suddenly you ask me
This is where I snandi Sverdlovsk region
We'll bring it in fast once and we'll be on the air
If there is a floor piece and at least two sigs
Danger ... AK dug into microphones
Until everything is smooth, the buffer is not broken,
Let's Vigi and burn, the breathe Boo
Don't worry, Ms. Shi write with the letter and Is gestoci, pushing their thick parts
Encrypted hard tracks Pavlovich fierce
Bazaar even more careful to drive cotton
For weight commercial, in nature it is normal Bracho
Braz, just realized that right us happier somehow
When the Sheriff didn't know
Ural shield phrases access
Enemies'll lay siege to quickly catchwords not flattering
Oscar more applause background
Mineral water instead of gold gramophone
And drove to the shooting I second home
Not broken if sang Alla Pugacheva
Residents of Moscow I have not seen such
Sorry Mtv will not include my video
Yes, and ... you for AK is not anything pride
On the channel first after the release of news
7.62 caliber in the head by the Taliban
About plastic we read then we will see
Can read the start about how the souls are torn
As for the guys the gals are killed
Meet, fall in love, then get married
And who gets divorced
God forbid in this wheelchair to grasp
So you can start not to understand the jokes
Horns will grow
You'll look like a bull
Hush, hush, listen carefully to the topic
E ... this ... ' AK
AK so, the accuracy of the measure
E ... this ... ' AK
AK so, the accuracy of the measure
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