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English translation of Вспомни обо мне by АК-47
I think of you every day.
You were with me when I wasn't,
Victor and Vitaly, and now we have 2 pieces,
Kilometers share.
And I don't walk where you walk anymore.
All leaked, broke iPhone glass
So much was just, and now nothing.
Nothing, like nothing ever happened. ,
It remains only for me to write in black.
On white. I get in the car,
She knew you.
She drove you from school to home.
From the house to the Solarium, from the Solarium to my mother.
I wonder who's picking you up right now.
I'm fine, REP can feed me.
With me Rostov in Moscow
Root. How are you?
Dancing to the beat in the database
While the terms of acceptance on the district.
If you want, remember me,
By the way I changed the number, but it pochi.
So not bad, no one is calling now,
Came Leh, Lehi of yesterday.
Everything changed, you know Stasik took the Camry.
Roger's in the army, I'm on Amri.
It's okay, I say hi to mom.,
Finished repairs in the kitchen, left in the bath.
Sitting on the couch fooling around.
Soon the tour, I normally fly.
You don't know who I'm walking with.
It's okay, you're not using yourself?
To know at least where you are, at least who you,
At least not a deer.,
At least, that's no fun, and the hair dryer first,
I didn't rattle your nerves like I did.
I'm fine, permanent no,
There are a lot of bitches I pick up on them,
But I never felt what I felt for you.
Then in the EKB, in a warm November.
Yeah, I agenda in Moscow,
I can feel the run-up like nowhere else.
And maybe it's a good thing you're not with me.,
Think of me when the verse ends.

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