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English translation of Ещё один раз by Аквариум
A grey mark on grey snow,
Names knocked off stones.
I've been in debt for years,
They forgot to tell me the debt was paid in full.
Smells like old ...,
The sun can't penetrate those eyes.
Now I don't care,
What is hidden under the dark water,
I'm not likely to come back here again.
There is one word that is difficult to say,
But say it once, and the iron cage is empty.
Will stay tonight, stay snowy steppe,
The silent sky and the North star.
And it seems that there ahead,
Something is certain for us.
But no matter how much you go, you can't get away from here
I'm not likely to come back here again.
Over poor ground, frantically screaming crow,
There's blue above them, but they're not going anywhere.
Each fate, each something of their own,
They won't come out of the cage because they don't want to.
And if you hit the door with your shoulder,
Everything will line up again in an hour.
No amount of shouting, costata into the void about anything,
There's a reason to come here one more time.

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