Александр Дюмин
Отпусти меня translation of lyrics

English translation of Отпусти меня by Александр Дюмин
Cannot breathe without you, I gasp As the lad in the dream, whisper, disappear I!
Remember the cute eyes, take not
What are you doing to me, let me go let me go
Remember our wild surf, wave scattering,
We caressed the June rain barefoot!
But knocking at the window autumn bleak
With the first wind you're gone, my dear my dear
Excites me again sunset!
Stars crumble in the morning
How can I return your tender gaze!
How can I return, even for a minute
Loved, and to the earth, pours bum-rain,
The city of gray, gloomy mine, to me ...
The wind breaks my thoughts, a cloud of gray!
Where the path my lead, mad mad

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