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English translation of Давай, пиши by Александр Новиков
Strikes midnight but couldn't sleep,
And is not going to mind the line.
But times not had a chance to fall in love,
There are a few words, for sure.
Their angel with the Muse in the delicate dance
In the empty silence of untouched
Say easily loosely,
And you write, come on, write!
I know a woman will hear
These two words in silence.
Now the pen they wrote,
But these words so little me.
And you suddenly discover the truth memory -
I think I sinned in her.
Sins in two words not correct,
Therefore, let's write!
This woman can't sleep,
But I don't know that this
How bitter to the floor tears roll
Through the eyelashes before bedtime.
And an angel with Muse, poor souls,
Like spears taking pencils,
Screaming and jumping on paper:
- Write!. Let's write!.
Like the sweetest girl
Color is not presented -
Flowers little things -
You soared like a dove.
Like the sweetest girl
The wing is not wiped tears,
And the wind shook a twig,
He waved and blew.

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