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Годы молодые с забубенной славой. translation of lyrics

English translation of Годы молодые с забубенной славой. by Александр Новиков
Years young happy-go-lucky glory,
I have poisoned you myself with bitter poison.
I don't know if my end is near or far,
His eyes were blue, but now they were faded.
Where are you, joy? Dark and terrible, sad and insulting.
In the field? In a tavern? Nothing to see.
Arms outstretched-and now listen to the touch:
Going horses snow sled passing grove.
"Hey, driver, bring it! Tea, not born weak.
Soul shake not a pity on such potholes."
But the driver in response to one: "In a Blizzard
Very scary that in the way the horse was sweating".
"You're a coward, I see. This is not for us!"
I took the whip and began to whip the horses ' backs.
Bute and horses like storm, snow spread into flakes.
A sudden jolt of the sleigh and right on the snow me.
I got up and saw: what the hell-instead of a brisk three
I'm lying in a hospital bed, bandaged.
And for place horses on road shaking
I hit the hard bed with a wet bandage.
The hands on the clock's face twirled in a mustache.
Leaning over me sleepy nurse.
Bent over and in a hoarse voice: "Oh, you Golden-domed,
You poisoned yourself bitter poison.
We don't know if your end is near or far, -
Your blue eyes are wet in the taverns."

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