Александр Новиков
Лифтерша translation of lyrics

English translation of Лифтерша by Александр Новиков
Lived in the basement
Alley ... Valya,
And along with her adult son lived.
He leaned on porridge
And he was as tall as his father,
I helped my mother as much as I could.
For dad hitting mom right here in the basement.,
Son dad with sidekick alive quartered -
A good, in General, are a good was son.
He was a good son.
During the restructuring
He slept in a prison bed -
Ruddy for daddy was serving.
But my uncle took the Elevator,
Which is mom for
The whole thing in the trash zachoval.
And now back to Vanya queer-freedom,
And dad had been in the coffin for four years.
And Vanya again Shasta! - basement.
And Vanya Shasta - in the basement.
Ah, well done,
Ah, bulge teen
She came to him in the Elevator one day.
Walked, wobbling thighs,
Passion and hands cheerful
Grabbed Vanya firmly in the same hour.
And with this passion Vanya embracing slept
Cold, unfriendly and evil the basement,
And unnecessarily tortured mattress.
And felt mattress.
But life is " fifty-fifty",
And somehow in this Elevator
Vanya with her until midnight stuck,
He made moves toward her,
He made suggestions,
And this, of course, conquered.
And he confessed his love to her easily and informally:
Only twice in front and once is normal -
On what the attention was particularly focused.
Attention was particularly focused.
And need to here say would,
That the case came to the wedding,
Five years since dad was in the coffin.
Because my mother between the railing
The Elevator stopped
And that solved Vanina's fate.
And now Vanya goes on "Mercedes" Yes, "Porsche" -
Oh, so that means time not sleeping alley,
Even with three spans in his forehead.
And the father is jealous in his grave.
And the father is jealous in his grave.
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