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Любимая моя translation of lyrics

Also known as Любимая Любимая моя lyrics.

English translation of Любимая моя by Александр Новиков
I'll fall to the ground, then soar
As in the stories of alien dreams.
About love you say,
Two words would be enough.
I can't take my eyes off,
And spinning head.
I'm talking about us for the hundredth time,
And some of the words I need.
My darling Darling.
Not a word about separation, dibs -
This is our old pain.
I want to talk to you
About love. About love.
And it is almost a novel,
If you read it, it'll take your breath away.
And scattered words the fog -
Only two would be enough.
My darling Darling.
And will remain silent night,
To morning together to start,
And words to anything, them - away! -
About love it is better to remain silent.
Silence, my silence,
How much I wanted to say.
Only one letter is needed -
Lascahobas the letter "l".
My darling Darling.

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