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На Восточной улице translation of lyrics

English translation of На Восточной улице by Александр Новиков
On the East the street
The eaves are narrow
Rock doves perched flaunt
In dark gray blouses.
The shadow falls under his feet,
I walk on,
Where are the horns
The throat is torn to the point of falsehood.
Not in a hurry, like I was Two blocks up,
Where so cute
Three Windows under the roof.
Where did I drop
A sigh of resentment heavy,
There is a lilac scattered
White curls.
And two poplar
In jewels of the moon
I foliage so clapped
Dashing over the strings.
And the frets are worn
Depressed the word
The wind I was deployed
In strumming again.
In songs Yes pripevochki,
Like a ribbon in a braid,
The dark-eyed girl
Golden hair.
Raged, annoyed,
A shadow past the window,
Yes to cheek applied
Naughty curl
How many years have passed-
To count fun!
Sort of gray
Shake it up.
Will everything be remembered-
Can't read like a book-
Memory-shy girl,
Words it is not too far!
Or maybe the whore
Changed completely?
In the middle of the street,
Stumbled - backwards

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