Александр Новиков
Пароходишко translation of lyrics

English translation of Пароходишко by Александр Новиков
Here it is-a paper steamer,
Goes far from the shore to the bottom.
In a puddle, where the house is multi-storey,
Where it will pass, stepping over.
The flag arouses her or smoke
And hoots-Toot all the horns.
And she again purposely by,
Hiding in curls-curls.
Tearing like a dog, tearing the collar,
A voice emboldened by dark.
It's midnight. And we crash with him
In a puddle, where it started hopping.
To the gangway! And right at sunrise
Away to a distant land!
It would be necessary. Only the steamer
Goes far from the shore to the bottom.
And then, when the puddles dry out,
And the heat will come, look,
It will be a dry piece of junk
And on the first wind will fly away.
Close or far, it doesn't matter.
Where no one will recognize him
White paper prohodish
Along the side with her name.
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