Александр Новиков
Песнь о честном менте translation of lyrics

English translation of Песнь о честном менте by Александр Новиков
From this wonderful dancer,
That costs money a whole jackpot,
He could have gone crazy all night
Battered "Moulin Rouge".
Seen everything Brighton,
Not very susceptible to miracles,
I'd salute her with an all-Wright."
And mnogopoliarnym Yes!
But it was in Sochi,
Not abroad,
Where in the restaurant everyone wants
At her feet and even between,
Where in cypress alleys
The top probe the moon,
And Satan with the evening glue
Put on someone's wife.
And it was necessary so to happen,
That she was there
A consummate dancer
And in bodies beyond their years.
There was a mill and temper her uninhibited -
Compare impotent compliment -
Such that even the precinct
Went passion, though, and the COP.
Her he in silver and gold
I dreamed to dress all up to the top,
But on a COP's salary
I could only afford copper.
He didn't have an apartment for meetings
With a bearskin on the wall
And hate racketeers
For this quiet and twice.
That in this case, known,
A man must take action.
But he was a COP, and he was honest,
He dared not blame his uniform.
He drew in a picture:
What a maniac her "herding",
What will stick to it nerds,
And he will see-and save!
What if she will agree
Now move down the aisle?
Well, it is - pub! The Guns
Learn only and-the end of the!
Farewell, plot and career,
Salary, pension and power.
To think of it, so who the ...
Such Noces surrendered.
And suddenly it really
Will agree for love?
Oh, will inform the political Department,
They'll suck the blood out!
They're just waiting. They're welcome.
They're just looking for someone.
And the legs are all the same thing.
Nothing else.
And the hour when the cicadas sing
Charm the world as violinists,
The rope of his patience broke,
And he caught up with her in the night.
And he said, " Please be a jerk
I don't count. Here's the document.
Want to become the second Field,
Catching a criminal element?"
She said, " for God's Sake,
My state Cupid!
I won't charge you much -
With a discount, in General, on Moore".
And here, at the most interesting,
I almost lied to you guys.:
He was a COP. Honest, too.
And he arrested her.
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