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Похороны Абрама translation of lyrics

English translation of Похороны Абрама by Александр Новиков
On the street blinking bear Abram,
The longing is for the box family,
The widow cries is stronger than the sawmill,
And he doesn't have any money or red hair.
Sadly leaving the synagogue,
Wrapped in a big sheet,
Abram lies in the satin on her bare feet,
Hands leaning on a bunt.
His brother-in-law has already tried on his boilers,
Translates arrows on the sly,
But the person swears in nature
I've never seen a more beautiful hero.
In the morning the spirits iron Le pen,
Which was sewn to the deceased
Evon brother in Moscow has a degree,
But it doesn't look right.
While the procession walks,
The hut is divided armor
And soul labuhi wynaut,
And drink free sarange.
On the third nail, while the widow sobbed
And wirkala overseas cocaine,
There is a prerequisite for the scandal -
The dead man spoke from the ...
Destroies like it is dumb,
With the fear of Chaim jaw swallowed,
Honored person in oligophrenic
And bladder oslobodi.
At the moment, many mourners disappeared,
The widow suddenly became immediately not funny.
She shouted: "Lord, drive box,
All have been paid for a long time!"
And once on shovels
There was a General demand and deficit.
Threw like three salaries
For this work on each hanging.
Go chic funeral.
Native sword sausage.
Late shivers in bed sheet
Before the door of the Last judgment.

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