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Помнишь, девочка?. translation of lyrics

English translation of Помнишь, девочка?. by Александр Новиков
Remember, girl, we walked in the garden,
Did I shamelessly pick a bouquet of roses?
God forbid memory, in what year it is
I didn't feel a splinter in my palms.
I screamed from the chase guard
And the dogs spared no effort in running.
I ran your bouquet redeeming,
And, entangled in the fences drove around.
Blood spurted from his torn cheek,
And the shirt fell in half.
Remained miraculously intact petals,
And the pants were crawling shamelessly at the seams.
You sat on a bench far away
And believed in mind slowly to one hundred,
Well I fences over the fence easily
Mile and replaced new milestone.
I ran away and outwitted the dogs
Finishing the midnight marathon.
And then again ran it with everything,
I followed you down the dark street.
Were laughing so hard the lights.
I stared out your window.
Mosquitoes tore me blisters,
And a bouquet in his hands helplessly thinning.
We are faced, we can see there is a God.
And shied away as gray cats.
Remember, girl, I brought a broom?
Those were your first flowers.
I didn't look good as a cavalier.
And tongue in mouth tossed and turned mute.
I screamed in ecstasy every nerve,
But it was time to go home.
But we didn't get home - that's the ...
Together torn shirt Alvina
Clouded mind RESEDA
And the bouquet she echoed odor be intoxicated.
And then the night swung in heels
Lily silly and confused in the pond
Remember, girl, splinters on the hands of?
God forbid, what year is this?.

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