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Уличная красотка translation of lyrics

Also known as Уличная красотка lyrics.

English translation of Уличная красотка by Александр Новиков
How boring the street would be
And the evening was of sadness woven,
If she hadn't been here
Night and block her - eyes Windows.
And night brakes.
Narasiah hands as oars in boats
Say's who? He told her the truth:
Street beauty.
I followed her and roamed and roamed.
My wheel was spinning at her feet.
I really didn't love her.,
But I wanted her, how I wanted her!
At midnight-whitish candle.
Break her - Yes, matches no.
And in time with gait
Hair as a wax tech with the shoulder
Street beauty.
Girl disheveled three sheets,
Rain you'll disgrace in the pipes drain.
And tear light spray
On the eyes of your sparkles star midnight.
Your way from housing to housing
He'll hide the night from his eyes in his wrappings.
Girl not taken my.
Street beauty.

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