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English translation of Вано, прочти by Александр Новиков
Vano, read. Are you literate? I don't know.
Go to the neighbor, let him read it to you.
Tell him I'm sitting here doing my time.
I'll see you no earlier in a year.
Prison - goat. I know that.
We had a donkey in the village, remember?
Here is a chief channel -
Shameful COP soul.
I went to the dentist yesterday to pull my teeth -
Everything happens, I'm not a Saint.
I'm so sick, and he, rough brute,
I pulled out for some reason gold.
You write not only outstanding wife.
She must be tired without me.
I have here one beautiful chick,
To me this is a chick with guts passed.
When you read it, go check on Gogi.,
To think, among other things, head.
And something else it will screw up the horns
And then we'll do a "group".
Did not go here hashish and even chacha.
I've lost my appetite for it.
You semester I better transfer -
More lard will be good.
I do not write everything for propaganda -
Shish kebab-mashlyk is not much to find.
When I get back, I'll make you a mess.
Sing once or twice and you'll understand.
And I'm not podavay mind.
And in this festive'm having fun from the heart.
You hear, brother, I didn't give anything away.
Come, Vano. Better write.
Like grapes? Tell me, how old are you?
Now, I heard, cut on the tops?
Vano, I swear, in nature, ... d,
If I fall back, I'll tear their mouths open!
When I get back, I'll put up a statue for you.
We'll drink a lot for that.
Vano, I'm almost not a thief here.
Into the wild will be released - I will be showing your temper!

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