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Ракель Меллер translation of lyrics

English translation of Ракель Меллер by Александр Вертинский
From remote dens of Barcelona
On the pavement the Paris area
Brought You these songs-bells
Emerald country.
From humble girls pavoni,
Quiet and simple as a cornflower,
Flourished in a mysterious and lunar,
An unknown flower.
And now from Prince to Apache,
Cartier Latin to the Sacre Coeur -
Everyone in Paris knows Your name,
All Paris is in love with Raquel Meller.
You rave in London and Vienna,
You drunk Madrid and San Souci.
It's Your knees
Inspired by Debussy's genius.
And, forgetting his strict Latin style,
Mistaking the menacing words,
Because of you, the Bishop of Lorraine
Dropped some lace in the communion.
But, sinless dead tuberose,
You are strict, sad and gentle.
Your songs light anesthesia
Rocked the heart until spring.
And through the line of men like gorillas,
You passed with a smile antiquary,
And men love stubborn dust
In Your heart light the fire!
On the pavement the Paris area
You laughed and threw the groans of the heart -
Golden songs Barcelona,
Emerald country.

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