Александр Яковлев
Я улетаю навсегда translation of lyrics

English translation of Я улетаю навсегда by Александр Яковлев
Quiet fell on the ground star,
Wind mixed mascara and tears.
You left today without saying anything.
Fingers running in the pockets of his jacket,
Glow in a jar on your Desk butts,
I close my eyes in the reflection of the Windows.
I'm flying forever into that sky, the sky.
You wait, do not run - it will be Indian summer.
I leave forever, I fly, I melt.
In white clouds you, I know, I recognize.
Quietly dripping water from the tap,
Moonlight spilled over the couch.
You left today without saying anything.
And distract yourself if nothing,
Maybe tomorrow morning will be easier.
Opening the window, I close my eyes..
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