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English translation of J’ecris by Alonzo
I write my life my friend, my anxieties, my nightmares that I do in the night
My family, my homeland know that I am a man
I'll bring nothing in my grave not even a piece, an atom
In JTE bomb spit out my album-bum-bum
Sometimes I get drunk and write, I need to be heard
When it goes up, I have no father, I ... the world up when I fall
I'll die on the day the girl dies
Oh no, jen trembles, I fear the worst
I write my remorse, looking too hard for lor, I make enemies
My life hurts, I'm taking care of te-shi
I write my phobia of ending up in a box burning a vif
In Marseilles, pope is hot (no, no, no, no)
Often the jealous make lots of movies
There are too many strollers, donors, gb scales cousin oh yes
Sometimes I write what will Spass in advance
Don't ask how crazy I know (no, no)
For nothing you jump, look sideways, you jump
Touch the benefit, you jump, you want to be her lover, you jump
Come out with a 9 mil, you jump, 6: 00 in the morning, you jump.
Even if a lot of kids, you jump, no matter how much you pray, you jump.
Oh lalalalalalala
Oh, look at the time on my Ap watch.
I'm getting old, I'm getting aggressive, so I'm getting away with gunshots.
I am not born in Mississippi
Are we kestia?
I'll write too deep, I'll write too deep
Uncle, I'm doing stupid, tomorrow I'm doing where I might be in jail
I write my fear of losing control
In front of my daughter's boyfriend, I'm crushing him wallah jmens.
Talk to me, ask me. go ahead, tell me.
I give myself too much, is it my fault?
Oh, no, you're gonna tell others.
I'm married to these no-dowry buildings.
Without drool the real ones at the comico lose the memory
I'm writing I'm alone I'm listening jnouns come to see me
When I'm the mother of Can in racism
Yet Arab, Black, United, that's what I've been going through since I was a kid.
I don't understand. we're from the bottom, P. L. A. N. D. A. O. U
There are whites, yellows, brave and crooks
We believe in God, Not Your big bang.
Inchallah that you don't end up in a mess is the tragedy

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