Андрей Губин
Лишь для тебя translation of lyrics

English translation of Лишь для тебя by Андрей Губин
Love for us came not hear
You know how it is.
I'm with you, you're with me
Will smile to you at the meeting
Don't believe I'm changeable
I'm different, I'm not
Just for you
My world invented
Only about you
I thought at night
And fell asleep with a crazy dream
Did I believe
Lily of the valley color
Under the white snow
And the clouds that sleep under the sky
And the city where you weren't before
All for you
For you
Love for us came by chance
Who will believe this secret?
You with me, I with you
Let the evening be magical
Why is your voice so careless?
The voice of a native.

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