Андрей Губин
Я знаю, ты знаешь translation of lyrics

English translation of Я знаю, ты знаешь by Андрей Губин
I'll be with you, alone.,
Every day and every night.
You know how crazy you are., -
You're the only one who can help me.
I want to hug you, I want to kiss you
Again and again is love.
But again, you are far, you are hard to find
Somewhere between spring and summer.
I know you know,
That you'll be mine again-
The doors of the soul to close take your time.
Everything will be as you want,
You please really:
On a dark night, don't drive me away.
I'll be whatever you want.,
I'll always be the way you expect me to be.
You just say well it's midnight and I:
Yes or no, no or Yes.
Why are you playing with me,
Why are you calling for me?-
I'm with you, only yours.
Admit it to yourself,
That be is tired one
Somewhere between spring and summer.

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