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English translation of Как в детстве by Ани Лорак
Was not present between us
The most conventional heat
We both knew it themselves
No words, I don't need words.
They can't justify my loss.,
They can't bring us back to that first spring.
Words like leaves circled,
I don't believe any of them, we both know why.
As a kid we flew
In cloud Cuckooland, and dreamed,
That there is a place in the sky
For future love,
Like birds, we soared in the sky
And whatever they say,
We were happy people after all.
Was not present between us
The most amazing dream.
Good, as in a fairy tale wonders,
Which you and I wanted.
As a child I fear that the tale will not return,
That it will be necessary to live always in a cruel world
And then I pray for him, and the sadness subsides.
Him I believe one, we both know why.

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