История одного убийцы translation of lyrics

English translation of История одного убийцы by Ария
He was an outcast from the first days,
But he could survive in the mud at the bottom,
Animal scent, noiseless step,
This world owned it in dreams.
He knew that smell ruled everything,
Run away, take no battle captured,
To the hearts of people had the key ready
A fragrance that inspires love.
Secrets of the depths
Dark soul
It is unlikely that in life you know,
Exhale darkness,
Shout the light
The thirst for love kills!
Savoring the smell like wine,
He killed by calling on the night,
And twenty-five girls ' bodies
He sacrificed a long-standing dream.
Passion, slumbering in innocence,
The taste of unspent desires,
All mixed he, to rush
Into a world of hostility.
He poured the mixture over himself,
And as if an angel shone,
And mad with love
He's being torn apart by the crowd.

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