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English translation of Честно by Артём Лоик
And to be honest, I would like money
Huge house with beautiful sea views
Where many fruits on trees and where there is no
These people killed by beer and grief
To win the "talent" and squander millions
To be the most famous and in General the most-the most
And then lost to the Galatians, not Loic,
I didn't win just for my mom.
Again battling and pass the "Battle of the year"
And they didn't manage to distort my words
Let it stay still, let the king will be naked
And will fall, but only rises man
More songs and less about sadness
Lose some time and find the cross
And if a producer does turn up
To believe and told my songs
Took a beautiful clip where I read about the important
And to me "bought out", not sold
And to be honest, I wish one day
To see still "sold out" in Poltava
More Studio, less rent
All ...-Man buy son
To tie a bandage like Rimbaud's,
But after the eye comes down
Buy my wife and mother the best dresses,
And dad does not plow, and drink whiskey abroad
To all the money I get paid tomorrow
I transferred it to the account of the child at the hospital
And he really helped this amount
And it was anonymous, simple and not vulgar,
And to be honest I would like without bags
Give up on the island with instagram Dzhigan!
Forget the debt, and it is better to us
Remember the verses and write them on minus
To hear my two plays
They are the best, mine to be honest
And if you honestly Think would be at hand
A mountain, that smaller steps
The smaller the cross, but more of God
Who write without special arrivals
To hope one not left
So it was easy to swim against the current
And if everything goes according to the rules
I still hope that there are exceptions!
Although of course this only leaflets
And if it's not , it's my fault.
And if you honestly Take everything to the line
And make the war disappear

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