Krabat translation of lyrics

Also known as Denk' an mich haltst du sie in der Hand lyrics.

English translation of Krabat by ASP
I followed the master's call
The voice attracted me magically
The heisre Call in the night
In his dream, I was captivated by
Finally, I open with bracket
Swiss hand the Tur
To the secret black chamber
And the master speaks to me
He asks me: "What should I teach you?"
Mullern, and the other also
He stretches his left to me
I beat one so it's custom
And me spriesen raven feathers
And so I fly unrecognized
Beyond Borders in life
How the Wind quickly ubers Land
And I break all the rules
To be with you tonight
Feel my heart beating like this
Fast and only for you alone
Give yourself a raven feather
Our Love Pledge
Think of me I'll be back
Think of me, you hold her in your Hand
Obey the voice of the master
Obedience to her he saith: yea now do thou obey me
With skin and hair, you're my
I wanted to escape full of fear
His eyes drive me through Mark and leg
With one eye now he detects
You want to go away with fear
The andre under a plaster
Black and can still see everything
I feel so terribly naked
Spell for spell
He reads us out of the Koraktor
Way, written in the black book
Where did you fly?
Uberall is looking for you
I pulled the circle around us
But it draws me back already
Hor your master's voice
Obey, because he gets you
He'll find you and you'll know
Only my heart gets louder still
After you
Think of me I'll be back
Think of me, you hold her in your Hand

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