Beatrice Egli
Ich Steh Zu Dir translation of lyrics

Also known as Doch ich, ich steh zu dir lyrics.

English translation of Ich Steh Zu Dir by Beatrice Egli
Tranen are your constant companion,
For you and your world
It's not really going on
You've lost all the grace of life,
Your hope at the bitterness froze to death
Nothing in your heart
Feels heavy
And you run and run
And yet, you never come
And all that remains to you,
It's on a sheet of paper,
But I'm standing by you,
But I'm standing by you
Black and gray are all your colors,
For all the colourful go N ' broken by your scars
The pale glow of every tarnish in the Morning
Shows you a face in the mirror
Full of fear and Worry
It seems that fate has forgotten you
The ... has you for a long time
Eaten from the inside
And without any force
I see you today in front of my door,
But I'm standing by you,
But I'm standing by you
And this road ahead of you, is hard,
I believe you
Hold on to me
Soon there will be a new beginning,
Who leaves everything behind
Tranen are your constant companion,
But I'm here and your world,
It continues to rotate
Your grace of life is born again today
Together we can do it,
I swear to you
The little light in your heart
It feels good
And on a new path
Let's take the first step
And I'll give you a rainbow
On your sheet of paper,
Because I'm standing by you,
Because I'm standing by you
Yeah, I'm standing by you

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