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Ist Doch Alles Egal? translation of lyrics

Also known as Ist doch alles egal lyrics.

English translation of Ist Doch Alles Egal? by Beatrice Egli
No, I'm not crying for you,
Because you just broke my heart without heart.
This Trane in the face,
That's just the smoke from the candlelight.
I think of yesterday,
I've been awake for hours.
I hate you,
But I'll be weak again.
It doesn't matter.
I want it all again,
I want to totally love,
I don't have a choice.
And if there's the devil ,
Let him get me!
It doesn't matter.
I want love frontal,
Don't have a morale today,
Need the Kick again.
And if there's a hell ,
I want to eat in her!
You haven't seen her for long
Your shirt, that smells ...
After your perfume!
I'm supposed to understand you,
Everything was just so out of ...
And you speak of love,
You're hollisch sorry.
I want you to hell.
Damn it! I'll be soft again.
It doesn't matter..

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