Beatrice Egli
Mitten Ins Herz translation of lyrics

English translation of Mitten Ins Herz by Beatrice Egli
It's Saturday night, I'm alone at home.
Put' mein schonstes dress
I'm still going out,
Call me a cab, choose four times the four.
Plotzlich stop a car
And you're in front of me.
I can't believe it
After all the Year ' N.
I still know today,
As it began.
In the heart yes, in the heart
The love hits me ,
The Lust and the pain.
In the heart yes, in the heart
Will you forever and ever that's it!
I wanted to hate you ,
Can't leave you.
In the heart
Forget the pain!
I'm getting in the car of this crazy look.
A thousand times you've cleared. You're back.
Where should I take you? he asks me.
Take me to heaven! I said.
And my dreams come true,
You're close to me and me.
In the heart.

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