Beatrice Egli
Weck Mich Auf translation of lyrics

Also known as Erst in 100 Jahr'n lyrics.

English translation of Weck Mich Auf by Beatrice Egli
How you love
How you know
That tells me
Who you are
Unvarnished Time
In The Candlelight
Rock me gently
Then I sleep in
Please Wake me up
Only in 100 Years ' n
Let me dream even more
In your Arm
Wake me up
Only in 100 Years ' n
Here I can be forever
A life-long,
A life-long
I'm At Home
Only with you
Let the world
In front of the door
You know me so well
My Soul Dress
Us're small eternity
Please Wake me up.
Wake me up
Only in 100 Years ' n
Missing Tenderness
Has done so well

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