Белая Гвардия
Увертюры белых рек translation of lyrics

English translation of Увертюры белых рек by Белая Гвардия
It night, morning, sleep on it,
Her house is an ordinary house,
Her city is full of stones
With human face.
Some nights, terrible noise,
She's not afraid to fall asleep.
It is very difficult to lose your mind,
If there's nothing to lose.
And, waking up once a,
Forgotten that sleep,
Called the spring - spring has come,
White-winged and light.
Put fresh grass,
Of flower woven bracelet,
And put on a dress of rain,
And went to see the sunrise.
On my confusing hand
Very strange star.
It gives such a sad light,
He brought me here.
Parted the gray house,
Scared away the pigeons.
I scooped from the world of the mind
And now even stupider.
She doesn't need me.,
She knows what's wrong with me,
And shakes the fire bell,
And calling me home,
And plays me while I sleep,
Overture white rivers.
I'm alone and I love her,
As a child loved the snow.

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