Белый орёл
Пташечка translation of lyrics

English translation of Пташечка by Белый орёл
I have a sister.
Like school time
Everyone writes letters to me
On the far side.
Oh, darling, you're mine,
Take me with you
Take it or I'll die,
I love my sister.
Nightingale, Nightingale, bird.
I have a country
Throughout the land one.
When sad with me
Could be fate
Oh, lyrics,
Carry me like an arrow,
Or we'll sink,
I love country.
Nightingale, Nightingale, bird.
I have a wife
Beautiful and true
When I'm on the other -
Threatened I become a widow
From the hop, not himself
What should I do with my wife?
I tear my shirt,
I love my wife.

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