Белый орёл
Сан-тропэ translation of lyrics

English translation of Сан-тропэ by Белый орёл
How well spent was that day
With tequila evening I met
Has been in my heart longing and laziness
And how I be did not know
When wandered on Tverskaya
I didn't dare hug you
I walked and thought my God
Well how to decide how to start
Well who in that hour would tell me
That in the semi-darkness interrupted my dream
Avaricious hope for glass
Mobile phone will flash
And you will enter the plexus of hands
Under the shadow of midnight jets
And gently leaning, suddenly
You give me a kiss
You brought your love
To my lonely old house
And everything in him lit up again
Your love with Holy fire
Your love with Holy fire
You say you can't wait
What loved forever
And brought me to hug
You midnight star
You gave me yourself,
I'll give you a Rolls-royce Coupe
And at the end of that day
We flew to San Tropez
Small resort hotel
As our first stop
And your lips heady hops
Gold and Tahiti beach
And kisses on empty
Flowers woven grass
Green eyes calling for heat
Autumn month in San Tropez
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