Ben L'Oncle Soul
Ailleurs translation of lyrics

English translation of Ailleurs by Ben L'Oncle Soul
No matter where you know, we'll go anywhere.
Provided that lon gets away here nothing can stand any longer
No matter where we go if we have to let go
To start all over again here I'll go mad
Take Me Away (Take Me Away))
Live a better life
You know you know you know you know it's too late my love
(oh yeah oh yeah)
Without You Without You Without You Without You I wouldn't deny no
No matter what they say no matter what they think
Go look at me you see that its worth it
And all that hurt us leaving behind us
Before it all starts I beg ten beg ten beg ten beg ten beg
Ten begged even on his knees
Take Me Away (Take Me Away, Take Me Away))
(take me, oh take me)
Live a better life (live a better life ))
Take me elsewhere (take me X6)
Live a life ooooh

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