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Красивая жизнь translation of lyrics

English translation of Красивая жизнь by Big Russian Boss
Hey, listen, major and dick!
This is the track of the Greatest Russian MS -
The Big Russian Boss
Yeah! His Majesty is here!
You know, this Halard of Flava
Salute my free - the Pimp and the Mantis to Alcatraz
E, e! You know, you know, faggot, listen!
This brilliant track " Beautiful life"
You're too far away from me
Boss, Boss, Boss, Yes!
Sunrise wakes me up again Russian rapper (Piedra!)
Because they are all roosters, though, have no members (no!)
A new plan to pull yourself up a notch (e)
You wanted to catch up, but accidentally farted (Pook-Pook-Pook)
Hand under the covers, I smell a fresh Clit
Bullied your Mare while you were reading my Twitter (boss!)
Earned a million performing live (Yes!)
You have money only in Gta: San Andreas (nerd!)
Being the boss is as hard as ... in the ear (Oh yeah!)
I'm driving a Ferrari - you're going on the bus (Piedra!)
Large mountains of money and big ass ladies (large!)
Sorry, your whole life is a big mountain of shit (EW, ...!)
Luxury cars, a lot of gold around (Oh, yeah)
Expensive wines and favorite yacht club (love it)
Know, boss likes this alluring life (what?)
Beautiful life (Yes!) it's a beautiful life (very)
Luxury cars, a lot of gold around (love)
Expensive wines and favorite yacht club (love)
I love this beautiful life (Yes!)
Beautiful life (Yes!), beautiful life (boss!)
Eleven Bugatti in the garage-top class
You decided to masturbate sitting cumshot-knocked out his eye
My bitches shake ass-your piss standing up (phew!)
You have found the moss under your nose - you ... dumbass (sucker!)
Beard Boss-symbol of male hormones (the guy!)
Your chick is crying because your Tits are bigger (Baba!)
My life as if the film "the Latest battle" (Yes!)
You "rain Man", sorry for the rain gold (abassis!)
A gold rolex adorns my hand (Oh Yes!)
Next to the Boss only very beautiful bitches (really!)
I came Gufu in the eye - he's muddy day (I'm sorry!)
From garbage and home - studied route ... (go!)
Russian beatmaker jerking off to Jay dill (yuck!)
One wanted a handsome voice, but was born slim (schmuck!)
About such a as I your broads only dream (Yes!)
Your only woman grows from the shoulder (the wanker!)
Emcee Russia reading with my cock in her mouth (Yes!)
... like I did in kindergarten (long time ago!)
Chicks not gave you - you're ... with the cat (meow-meow!)
It's cheaper because it gives the milk (bitch!)
You decided to swing: you have enough for the year (thinman!)
Nasty drisch, you are disgusted to touch the feet (fu ...!)
I know the life I projivanii from the bottom (with the most!)
Night at the Boss's is a fairy tale with a happy ending
Boss, Boss, Boss, Yes!
E, e!

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