Борис Гребенщиков
Ласточка translation of lyrics

English translation of Ласточка by Борис Гребенщиков
Jump, swallow, jump, on the white wall.
Jump, swallow, jump, straight to me,
The sun has risen, so the time has come.
Jump, swallow, jump - and it's war.
Jump, swallow, jump, right into the yard,
Jump, swallow, buck, and the legs axe.
There's light on one side and no light on the other.
So there's a thief hiding in our house.
Life sinks like a stone in the sky circles.
Jump, swallow, jumping, and enemies everywhere.
To battle the evil of the slurry, Falcon, goat,
And you, yourself, and then don't run.
Sing, swallow, sing-and we beat in tamtam.
Clear the falcons here, clear the falcons there.
Falcon flies, a woman gives birth,
So, as always, everything

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