Augen Schliesen translation of lyrics

English translation of Augen Schliesen by Bosse
In my head are so many worries,
You're not going out of my mind at night.
How's it going?
And where does the money come to life?
I don't even know how the next week is,
I can not sleep, can not relax.
And when I close my eyes
Then I just want to see you,
I want to see you, and then sleep.
And when I close my eyes
I don't want a Problem anymore,
I just want you, only you, only you long.
What could that be for a life
Without panic, fear and office,
Because at night, the Worries come
And grab me by the scruff of the neck.
So I lay down on your legs
And we drink coffee at night,
And are looking forward to what will passers-by,
We only know that things are going on somehow.
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