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Also known as Appelle-moi Gwadapolitain lyrics.

English translation of Gwadapolitain by Brasco
When I'm in Gwada, they say I'm a metropolitan.
But here I am a Gwadapolitan
Flashback rewind my life 10 years ago
Marie-therese wanted to hook me up with the hospitals.
I said, "No," I said, " I'll go on."
The ghetto opened my arms as if I were an orphan
Naif and starve, we mdisait drester right
I was deaf.
The Zulus were selling dope until they were robbing vans.
I said " No " some have gone from hashish to sess
And others have not changed, the ass still sitting in the hass
An intense addiction, how to make millions without kidnapping Jean-pierre
And lforcer spit out the answers?
An intense delinquency, how to get out of the cocoon without bifurcating in lillegal
And pay the consequences?
We all have skills, I didn't burn all my chances
All it took was a sparkle to make it all go away.
I forced myself, I had to evolve. Today recognized
I rewrote my story like I wanted.
Since "8000 kilometers", I haven't forgotten my bled
Call Me Gwadapolitan.
Why I left my land?
For my parents to be proud
Call Me Gwadapolitan.
I am the son of the sun
Even if he hides the misery
Call Me Gwadapolitan.
Gwadapolitan I knew, but I didn't see anything that could possibly give up
All these promises kept, I didn't know where to start.
I have to help the girl who cleans her back and gets up.
I've got to help the hard-working daron set up his restaurant, right away.
I'd be a drug dealer or a crook.
Jaurais not known music, taurais not known Brasco of the West Indies
I'm not leaving my island to become a sidekick.
I'm happy to survive until my star appears
Heyhey my friends in zonz congratulate me so much
They always come to sutnus so I don't end up like them.
My family even more, the first fanatics
In my Gwada Style, it's better that I play Bercy than drink darcy.
My road is full of bombs, I've already tripped
Don't mess with your stereotypes and prejudices.
I still have my scars, with the tincture bleeding.
When you were on a tightrope, I was on a tightrope.
Quail milk in your head
Ever since Little became reptile
With the ... logo of their grave on the retene
My galaxy is hungry too, it knows that the state is lying to us
It creates anarchists who end up in Fresnes or lasile.
The street wanted my will.
If I listened to my ..., I'd be a mailman or a caregiver.
If I listened to the traitors, I would never have taken dalbum out.
I'm staying true while these whores make the good bad boy
I have listened to my heart, let my rage speak
Lubricant to mark the annals. Try to ... my life!
I'm learning how to bring this world to life
No more squatting in the halls

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