On Fait Semblant translation of lyrics

English translation of On Fait Semblant by Brasco
Beyond all appearances, beyond the laughter we spend
We pretend to laugh to hide our suffering, this childhood sickness
Our illusions plunge us into madness, we bury ourselves in our unconsciousness
We lie to ourselves, basically it's up to us.,
Because we're pretending.
We pretend, but we grow up in fear
When Luck leaves us in the lurch
We pretend but we forget the hard knocks,
The wounds, and we're moving!
How much are we living behind a mask?
How much are we living on a great dream?
No one here healed from childhood
Even with a joint with lips
We lie to each other to better live the bad times
We lie to each other to get through the Hurricanes better
Whatever happens, we're all trying to move on!
My reality is those who go to the coal
My ghetto that makes you a bad boy
Whatever happens, whatever happens
I'm always the same,
I take on all my hardships
And my hobo pass

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