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English translation of Vagabond by Brasco
My mother keeps saying To me, " work, make the money." "
Before I deal, I spill blood like Nosferatu.
She dares to do the hard way, she knows where the block is leading us,
You end up being a jailbird underground or like a human wreck.
Came to France for studies, I pretended
They always tell me I'm not good at progeny.
I ended up with an ... who was busting my balls.
Looking for a safe house, I almost bought a tent.
It was based on "you do nothing, get a job, move your ass" every morning, " put on a jacket and tie and then your rap pete ears, here are laws, you've been hanging around for months, no I want more of that at home. Squatter the hall, you find that attractive? If you like the street so much, I'll put your mattress in front of the building. "
I thought I was in the army.
I left without regret, without knowing where to go.
Despite my pains and pains, I am attentive
And ... the street. I'm not his foster son.
She made me a loathsome Wanderer
I swear if I could, I'd leave
I'm not ready to eat.,
I've always proved to loved ones
That I'm a special guy and not an incompetent
Away from Gwada and my parents who cared
I was reassuring them, actually I was in a mess.
That's when the galleys started, I hung on.,
Every night I wonder where I'm going to go to bed, or I'm going to shower.
I didn't have many friends. it was hot when my clothes smelled like Paris.
I'm tired of walking around and coming to my friends ' house.,
In the trains, but the worst is when you're hungry,
Too much pride to go through the garbage,
What would I do for fries and a Mac Chicken?
I was looking for a chick to invite me to her place or the hotel.,
Of course she's paying, or you don't have to.
I'm no model, but I know how to charm them.,
All this to avoid sleeping in stairwells.
I saw the one who begged with his guitar.,
The one who did the pickpocket without getting tricked
The one who thought the Rer was his plumard
I saw him talk alone with his bottle of plonk
The controllers were disturbing my sleep, warming my head.
I used to take the parking tickets to wipe my ass with, I know the metro, its dirty corners, its Bums, its tourists who get you drunk with their cameras.
In winter I was forced to squat the resorts
To keep me warm until the next season
My home was my backpack, I had all the time
Toothbrush, washcloth, whatever.
I was dreaming of apartment with veranda
While my situation was pulling me down
But I was able to stand up, avoid the fiasco.
I'm not that Wanderer anymore, you can call me Brasco.

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