Братья Грим
Раненое солнце translation of lyrics

Also known as То ли беги, то ли стой lyrics.

English translation of Раненое солнце by Братья Грим
You won't come to me again in my sleep,
But I'll wait for you
And a boa constrictor on my back
Along the edges in a tight knot
Either run or stand.
I'll cut my lips in half
Smile your fool
Like a little humble polygam
To follow your tears
Either run or stand.
Moans of the wounded sun
Moaning wounded sky
Moans the whole planet with me
Either run or stand.
You will think of other worlds
I-crumple paper in the trash
May I, as a humble polygam
Choking on tears
Will endure, to karyabat ceilings
Break locks, break locks
Tear off all wings, and then
A laugh or a groan.

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