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Also known as Родны край lyrics.

English translation of Родны край by BRUTTO
Genitive, native, native land
I'm your enemy-don't wait for me.
Native, native, native brother
Fear me - I am a thief and an executioner!
Native, native, native probe
I-vocalic, hide hut.
Parent, mother, father
Son cook - do not wait for him.
Native land.
Native land.
Genitive, native, native stork
Beak me, the eyes and the lips.
Native, native, native wind
Gan me away - I ashes and rubbish.
Genitive, the genitive, the native chain
If I'm worse, I'm a gray rat.
Genitive, native, native land
I am a cruel traitor - punish me.
Native land.
Native land.
Native land.
Native land.

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