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English translation of Середні віки by BRUTTO
Second RK msto decimated by the plague.
Not work navt a brothel and a prison.
Concise HLB, snilas water.
From cultural life-only the procession.
We go and call the Holy fathers.
On the way back duramo mercu.
Papal soft power vtrace MCI.
Udemy blunauta working MSCI.
What's the point of stirring this stuff?
What's guessing? Everyone will die.
What rznitsa that say srci?
Middle so average VKI VKI.
Todd pickup comes in vreyskih quarter,
He says, " Who among us does not die for metal?
Uskh kills us heavenly terror,
Ush us will carry out in a black corridor.
Swtl no. Vdata goal.
It's time to start the holidays."
Todd moon drum by,
Pdima with earth of Ramnicu povi,
Pull us into my vortex.
Those who died, not lyaka death.
Not afraid of any offense.
To be afraid of here is that we have HBA.
We will put prya and tails,
To lubricate blood-nutlin crosses,
Smoke on the streets of his Satan,
We declare to the heavens Vina,
Lead the process around vagnv.
All that is in us is the people's GNV.
Put on face powder and ...
Nkoli not pzno to die young.
Nkoli not pzno smnith me.
About me will suddetti tne mine.
But nkole and NKOM don't talk about it.
Death is not in our faces.

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