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English translation of Два полюса by Бутырка
It's hard when you leave.
It's not easy, one to meet the dawn,
But I'll wait, I'll wait - I promise
In my soul, there is no other place.
I will wait and time will not change
And many years will pass and many winters.
My love will only grow stronger over the years
And I'll wait, I need you alone.
Stronger love in separation and suffering,
And who did not expect, because he is not loved.
And we are again waiting for the distance
It's like we're the two poles of the earth.
Let my letter will warm you up
And there will be no emptiness between the lines.
I, like you, I also believe in happiness
And through the years love is willing to bear.
Well, when the lower night wings,
You far, but mentally with me.
I'll put my hands on your shoulders
And we'll be alone in the quiet of the night..
My love is a flower in early may
All in tears the early morning dew.
Breathing lips of his palm warming
We need each other more than ever.
Love will come like snow in winter cold,
So the happiness of the people is not enough sometimes
Let the poles of the earth not converge,
And our destinies together, forever..

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