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Also known as Bien adentro te la deje adentro lyrics.

English translation of Adentro by Calle 13
Are my rhymes sometimes cause disgust,
When my neurons run
Even I scare myself.
My answers can be so aggressive,
Even the letters I flee
Because they are afraid of that type
I don't have rifles to kill you.
Just the track
I turn letters into ideas like an illusionist.
In a line I kill you, I fracture you, I injure you
And in the next you rose when you mention it
This is part of my art
Let everyone know,
That these rhymes are for you without having to mention you
And I don't do it to avoid friction.
What do I not make you famous
In countries where no one knows you
After watching wars and guerrillas move
You think I'm gonna be scared of your gang?
Shoots when you want to raperito maleantoso,
There's no winner here.
The most ingenious wins
In your head you're a narco
Wanted by the police
And your guns are like unicorns
There is No problem having imaginary enemies
But the kids think you're a hit man.
You haven't lived 3 hell difficulty in your life,
You don't miss school.
Don't miss food
If the people of the Congo
I would have had your opportunities,
Are graduates of the best universities
If I take you hiking for the African Central,
After seeing the war sales singing lyrics christian
Alla your clothes rapper,
Your beanie and baseball and your chain of delinquent
Melt with the sun
Or I'll take you to Syria
So you can feel the bombs
And see how they left the little boys without arms
Are you going to do when your child get caught in the disc
And without delicacy with an Ak will explode the head
Or your brother's face erased violently.
Or to clean your mai ' with the short and the forty
You are gross hamf-breed rapping about how fly brains
In a country where you get killed for stealing a weight
I am not a saint rapping,
Much less gentleman
At some point, rimando
Hang ten sailors
But in that case it's different inciting disorder
Because when tyranny is law, revolution is order
Inside, inside,
Well inside I left it inside
You want to pull? Aca I leave a couple of puzzles,
I'm afraid of cockroaches and lizard
I do not sound years ago on the ... radio in Puerto Rico,
I've already released five records and I'm not rich yet.
Some call me Communist demagogue one hundred percent
The ultra right hates me the ultra left too
My performance sexually this for the floor
After to poke fun of the bald, I am balding
I told him ... to the governor and even if merecia
Inside me I repented and didn't say it until today
Before understanding the inequalities of people,
I bought a used Maseratti that doesn't work now.
I'm ... up, they don't sell me a coffee.,
That's why in order to pay another allowance, I'd rather walk.
I'm like boxers, I mismanage money.
I invest everything in my career because art comes first.
I'm the slowest in my family. I'm not brilliant.
I fought for education and I was never a good student.
I have an airplane phobia.,
I like politics.
Even if I say I don't care, I'm hurt by criticism.
My best friend was killed in a barracks,
I have much to write and little paper
My honesty is transparent color,
You can see me on the inside just looking straight at me.
You can try to throw me out and try.,
Although to keep being honest, I'm the best at this.
Inside, inside,
Well inside I left it inside

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