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Juan, El Esquizofrenico translation of lyrics

Also known as No tengo familia, porque mate a mi familia lyrics.

English translation of Juan, El Esquizofrenico by Calle 13
My Name Is John Alexander and I'm schizophrenic.
I'm nothing attractive, much less photogenic.
My best friend is a clown who advises me,
He's got Frog Eyes and he lives inside my ear.
He talks a lot and sometimes gets upset.,
And when I ask things almost never answer me.
But he gives his life for me and I give my life for him,
We also know that there is a difference
Within our Rondel.
People think I'm sick.
Because I run around town with my notebook.,
Talking to the dogs,
With shorts and cowboy boots,
An umbrella in your hand and a torero hat.
But I'm not bad at all, I also talk to people,
I tell a lot of lies to play with your mind.
I like to give the directions of the road wrong
So people will always be late to their destination.
I walk with two fairy godmothers volandome above,
Loading syringes full of vitamins with morphins.
Until my veins flood,
Well, I keep making faces and people get confused.
Forgive me if I'm laughing too.
Is that yesterday died my mother and me kicked out of work.
I have 6 months of income in my wallet a penny,
And I haven't had a bath since October last year.
I have my body all healed,
With deep cuts and first-degree burns.
But it's nothing serious nothing delicate,
I just never realize why I spend all day anesthetized.
I like to walk alone, so I talk to the wind.
I've never had sex like a nun in a convent.
Easy, though I know I can explode
Suddenly like a mine in World War II.
I am a psicomaniatico antisocial,
After greeting you, I wash my hands with antibacterial soap.
I am a mental patient, I admit,
But that gives you no right to look at me askance
And sir lejitos.
Come, come closer, I won't do anything to you,
What looks like blood on my shirt is spilled tomato sauce.
See friend, approach here,
The scissors I bring are for cutting the garden.
I'm a serial killer, like miniseries.
Behind the door, I collect dead people.
To be able to kill hunger, breakfast cereal with blood.
I have no family, because I kill my family.
Sometimes doctors come to visit me.
With ghost costumes to try to cheer me up
Because I suffer from disorders.
Yesterday I put my cat in the oven
And his tail hung on my ornament neck.
When I get the episodes start to sweat sodium
And cry very strong to get the hate.
I'm also afraid of Shadows.
That's why I don't dare go to the bathroom.
And I pee on the carpet.
It's normal: I'm only 13.
I still run bikes and don't talk to strangers.,
But I don't take my meds during the anus.
Every day I dream of being able to hurt you.
Chop you into little pieces with these same scissors,
Get in bags plastic and keep in the fridge.
Don't be scared, I took my meds today.
I'm in a good mood happy with good breath.
I know I look serious but I'm happy,
I'm gonna play with my friends at the cemetery right now.
I'm actually in love with one of my friends.
A year ago, he died without a trace or a witness.
She's a beautiful girl with a violet face.
Every night I accompany riding a bicycle.
She doesn't talk because she's deaf and dumb.
And that's why people think I'm talking just
And I need help.
I'm a serial killer, like miniseries.
Behind the door, I collect dead people.
To be able to kill hunger, breakfast cereal with blood.
I have no family, because I kill my family.
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